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Glistening-free hydrophobic acrylic IOL

Most of the hydrophobic IOLs on the market are developing glistenings after implantation which can impact on the vision quality.

Glistenings are favored by:

  • the cast-molding process (compared to lathe-cutting process)
  • environment changes (dry conditioned and implanted in an aqueous environment)
  • the lack of control of water content

iPure is guaranteed 100% glistening-free thanks to:

  • the lathe-cutting process instead of the cast-molding process
  • its storage in water to avoid conditioning changes during implantation
  • the control of water content at the equilibrium

Injection system for microincision

iPure can be implanted through a 2.0mm incision with the Medicel Accuject system.


iPure product brochure


Loading of the iPure lens in the Accuject cartridge and implantation through a 2.4 mm incision, by Dr. Sciacca (Acireale, Italy).

Product description


  • Optic: aspheric aberration correcting surface
  • Material: hydrophobic acrylic glistening-free / raw material: 4.9% water uptake
  • Filtration: UV and blue light blocker
  • Optic body diameter: 6mm
  • Overall diameter: 13mm
  • Refractive index: 1.52
  • Angulation: 5°
  • Power: from +10D to +30D (0.5D steps)
  • Injection: Medicel Accuject 2.2
  • Incision size: greater or equal to 2.0mm
  • Suggested constants for IOL power calculation:
    • Hoffer Q: pACD=5.69 (interferometry) 5.43 (US)
    • Holladay 1: Sf=1.92 (interferometry) 1.66 (US)
    • SRK II: A=119.62 (interferometry) 119.22 (US)
    • SRK/T: A=119.21 (interferometry) 118.86 (US)
    • Haigis*: a0=1.46, a1=0.40, a2=0.10 (interferometry) 
      *Not optimized
  • Square edge: 360°

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