Glistening-free hydrophobic acrylic IOL

Glistenings or commonly called fluid-filled microvacuoles form within certain IOL materials and can develop in various shapes, sizes, and density. Some IOLs on the market develop glistenings after implantation which can impact on the quality of vision.

MicroPure is guaranteed 100% glistening-free thanks to

  • lathe-cutting process instead of the cast-molding process;
  • packaging in water for steam sterilization which prevents major conditioning changes during implantation and avoids any toxicity;
  • equilibrium of water content in the material.

Injection system for microincision

MicroPure can be implanted through a 2.0 mm incision with the Medicel Accuject injector:

* From -10D to +24.5D with Viscoject-BIO 1.8, Accuject 1.8 or 2.0

* From +25D to +30D with Viscoject-BIO 2.2, Accuject 2.1 or 2.2


MicroPure product brochure

G-Free Technology brochure

Product description

  • Optic: Biconvex aspheric aberration-correcting (-0.11µ SA)
  • Material: PhysIOL G-free (hydrophobic acrylic glistening-free)
  • Filtration: UV and blue light blocker
  • Optic body diameter: -10D to +24.5D: 6.00mm / +25D to +30D: 5.75mm
  • Overall diameter: -10D to +24.5D:11.00mm / +25D to +30D: 10.75mm
  • Refractive index:1.52
  • Abbe number: 42
  • Angulation: 2°
  • Power: from -10D to +9D (1D steps) and +10D to +30D (0.5D steps)
  • Injection: Medicel Viscoject Bio 1.8 / 2.2 and Medicel Accuject 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2
  • Incision size: ≥ 1.8mm
  • Suggested constants for IOL power calculation:
    • Hoffer Q: pACD=5.85 (interferometry) 5.59 (US)
    • Holladay 1: Sf=2.06 (interferometry) 1.80 (US)
    • SRK II: A=119.80 (interferometry) 119.40 (US)
    • SRK/T: A=119.40 (interferometry) 119.05 (US)
    • Haigis*: a0=1.70, a1=0.40, a2=0.10 (interferometry)
      a0=1.214, a1=0.40, a2=0.10 (US)
      *Not optimized
  • Square edge: 360°

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