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Medicel Viscoject-BIO

VISCOJECTTM-BIO - The latest technology coupled with Swiss precision helps the surgeon to work more accurately and therefore more safely and efficiently. When using the new VISCOJECTTM-BIO System the surgeon has complete control throughout the entire lens injection process. Complications during implantation are therefore a thing of the past, as are postoperative problems such as corneal distortion as a result of incision stretching and the resulting problems of wound healing.

It is used with (and allows injection through ≥1.8mm incisions):


Viscoject-BIO brochure

Medicel Accuject

The new ACCUJECTTM – system represents total reliability for safe and effective lens injections. The compact design with integrated cartridge of the fully single-use ACCUJECTTM system enables a simple, predictable loading and positioning of any lens. This allows the surgeon and O.R. personnel to load any lens in the same simple manner. The ACCUJECTTM system is designed for 1- and 3-piece lenses for incision sizes of sub 2.8 to sub 2.2 mm.

It is used with:


Accuject brochure


The video shows the loading method of a FineVision (Pod F) lens using the Accuject injector.


Product description

Medicel Viscoject-BIO

The Viscoject™ injection system consists of the sterile Viscoject™ single-use injector with silicone cushion and the sterile Viscoglide™ single-use cartridge.


Medicel Accuject

The sterile-packed, single-use Accuject™ injection system is made of high-grade materials and was designed for implanting foldable intraocular lenses. By means of the new Accuject™ -concept, 1-piece lenses of any size and design can be injected into the eye safely and gently through even the smallest of incisions. Contrary to traditional injection systems the Accuject™ system has the cartridge integrated in the injector.

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