2015.09 - SEO - FineVision

Comparative study (VA, defocus curves, contrast sensitivity) of a diffractive trifocal IOL and an extended depth of focus IOL, 40 patients in each group. - Dr. B. Alfonso Bartolozzi

Download 2015_09_SEO_DrAlfonso_Estudio_comparativo_FineVision_vs_Symfony.pdf (511.64 KB)

2015.09 - ESCRS - MICRO Design

IOLs design influence in ND:Yag laser rate for a large series of MICS IOL implantations - Dr. Gilles Lesieur

Download 2015_09_IOLs_design_influence_in_ND_DrLesieur.pdf (3.33 MB)

2015.09 - ESCRS - FineVision

Analysis of the visual quality after cataract surgery with bilateral implantation of trifocal diffractive intraocular lenses - Dr. L. Martínez de la Casa

Download 2015_09_ESCRS_Analisi_Calidad_Visual_DrMartinez_de_la_Casa.pdf (1.12 MB)

2015.09 - ESCRS - FineVision

Comparison of Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy rates following implantation of two diffractive trifocal intraocular lenses - Dr. Rafael Bilbao-Calabuig

Download 2015_09_ESCRS_Comparison_of_Nd_DrBilbao.pdf (2.06 MB)

2015.09 - ESCRS - FineVision

Randomised controlled trial comparing visual outcomes after mix and match implantation of a diffractive bifocal +2.5 / +3D intraocular lens (IOL) with bilateral implantation of a difractive trifocal IOL - Dr.Rafael Bilbao-Calabuig

Download 2015_09_ESCRS_Randomised_controlled_trial_DrBilbao.pdf (3.20 MB)

2015.09 - ESCRS - FineVision

Halos after diffractive bifocal and trifocal intraocular lenses implantation: Objective and subjective evaluation - Dr. F. Alba-Bueno, Dr. N. Garzón

Download 2015_09_ESCRS_Albabueno_Garzon_ObjectiveSubjectiveHalos.pdf (1.77 MB)

2015.09 - ESCRS - FineVision

Rotational stability of a new toric IOL platform - Dr. Vandekerckhove

Download 2015_09_ESCRS_Rotational_stability_of_a_new_toric_IOL_platform.pdf (7.35 MB)

2015.07 - ALACCSA - FineVision

Comparative study (VA, defocus curves, contrast sensitivity, halometer, PCO, patient satisfaction) of a diffractive trifocal IOL and an extended depth of focus IOL, 20 patients in each group. - Dr. R.Ruiz Mesa

Download 2015_07_ALACCSA_DrRuizMesa_Symfony_vs_FineVision(1).pdf (814.58 KB)

2015.05 - SECOIR - FineVision

Best Poster - Evaluation of spectacle independence and patient satisfaction after implantation of Trifocal IOLs (study on 10.963 patients) - Dr. Llovet


Download 2015_SECOIR_Best_Poster_DrLlovet.pdf (2.12 MB)

2015.05 - SECOIR - FineVision

Best Free Presentation - Evaluation of visual outcomes after implantation of 12.867 patients (min. three months follow up) with diffractive trifocal intraocular lenses - Dr. Llovet

Download 2015_SECOIR_Best_Free_Presentation_DrLlovet.pdf (2.63 MB)

2014.09 - ESCRS - FineVision

New FineVision design (PodF) combined with femto laser cataract: 6 months follow-up. Tips & tricks - Dr. Mertens (Belgium)

Download 2014_09_ESCRS_New_FineVision_design_Dr_Mertens.pdf (19.24 MB)

2014.09 - ESCRS - FineVision

Visual outcomes and rotational stability with FineVision Toric combined with femtolaser cataract surgery - Dr. Ang (Philippines)

Download 2014_09_ESCRS_Visual_outcomes_and_rotational_stability_with_Finevision_Toric_Dr_Ang.pdf (368.50 KB)

2014.02 - FacoElche - FineVision

Lentes Trifocales frente a Bifocales - Dr. Fernando Llovet (Spain)

Download 2014_02_FacoElche_Lentes_trifocales_frente_a_bifocales_DrLLovet.pdf (7.32 MB)

2013.10 - ESCRS - FineVision

Clinical results with Micro F and Pod F - Dr. Lenis (Sweden)

Download 2013_10_ESCRS_Clinical_results_with_MicroF_and_PodF_DrLenis.pdf (342.46 KB)

2013.10 - ESCRS - FineVision

First experience with FineVision Toric - Dr. Mertens (Belgium)

Download 2013_10_ESCRS_First_experience_with_FineVision_Toric_DrMertens.pdf (4.20 MB)

2013.10 - ESCRS - FineVision

Refresh on the optical principle of the FineVision - Dr. Gatinel (France)

Download 2013_10_ESCRS_Refresh_on_the_optical_principle_of_the_FineVision_DrGatinel.pdf (1.62 MB)

2013.10 - ESCRS - FineVision

Visual and refractive outcomes after implantation of three different types of diffractive intraocular lens: FineVision trifocal, Tecnis-One-Multifocal and  AcrySoft Restor +3,0 D. - Dr. Ramón Ruiz Mesa (Spain)

Download 2013_10_ESCRS_Visual_and_refractive_outcomes_after_implantation_of_three_different_types_of_diffractive_iols_DrMesa.pdf (786.82 KB)

2013.09 - SEO - FineVision

Estudio comparativo entre 4 modelos de ATIOL: FineVision (PhysIOL), AT Lisa Tri 839MP (Zeiss), ReSTOR +3 (Alcon), Tecnis One (Abbot) - Dr R. Ruiz Mesa (Spain)

Download 2013_09_SEO_FineVisionVsRestorVsATLisaTriVsTecnis_DrRuizMesa.pdf (1.29 MB)

2013.04 - ASCRS - FineVision

Visual Outcomes and Intermediate Vision Evaluation of a Diffractive Trifocal IOL - Dr P-J. Phelouzat (France)

Download 2013_04_ASCRS_Visual_Outcomes_and_Intermediate_Vision_Evaluation_of_a_Diffractive_Trifocal_IOL_DrPhelouzat.pdf (578.05 KB)

2013.04 - ASCRS - FineVision

Cumulative Neodymium YAG Laser Rates After Large Series Of MICS IOL implantations - Dr Lesieur (France)

Video Micro AY

Download 2013_04_ASCRS_Cumulative_Neodymium_YAG_Laser_Rates_After_Large_Series_Of_MICS_IOL_implantations_DrLesieur.pdf (431.99 KB)

2013.04 - ASCRS - FineVision

The Optical and Functional Results After The Implantation of Trifocal Diffractive FineVision Dr Rau (Germany)

Download 2013_04_ASCRS_The_Optical_and_Functional_Results_After_The_Implantation_of_Trifocal_Diffractive_FineVision_DrRau.pdf (670.67 KB)

2012.09 - SEO - FineVision

Mi Experiencia Clínica Con FineVision Lens - Dr. R. Ruiz Mesa (Spain)

Download 2012_09_SEO_Mi_Experiencia_Clinica_DrRuizMesa.pdf (3.84 MB)

2012.09 - SEO - FineVision

Nuestra Experiencia Con La Lente Trifocal FineVision - Dr. Jose María Martínez de la Casa (Spain)

Download 2012_09_SEO_Nuestra_Experiencia_Con_La_Lente_Trifocal_FineVision_DrMartinezdelaCasa.pdf (1.52 MB)

2012.09 - ESCRS - FineVision Evening

Experiences With Multifocal IOL FineVision - Pr. J. Alió (Spain)

Download 2012_09_ESCRS_Experiences_With_Multifocal_IOL_FineVision_Pr_Alio.pdf (2.25 MB)

2012.09 - ESCRS - FineVision Evening

Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery And Trifocal IOL - Dr. P. Stodulka (Czech Republic)

Download 2012_09_ESCRS_Femtosecond_Laser_Cataract_Surgery_And_Trifocal_IOL_Dr_Stodulka.pdf (2.41 MB)

2012.09 - ESCRS - FineVision Evening

Principles And Concept Of Diffractive Trifocal IOL Model - Pr. Th. Neuhann (Germany)

Download 2012_09_ESCRS_Principles_And_Concept_Of_Diffractive_Trifocal_IOL_Model_Pr_Neuhann.pdf (523.17 KB)

2012.09 - ESCRS - FineVision Evening

Tolerance And Patient Satisfaction With FineVision - Pr. B. Cochener (France)

Download 2012_09_ESCRS_Tolerance_And_Patient_Satisfaction_With_FineVision_Pr_Cochener.pdf (4.91 MB)

2012.09 - ESCRS - FineVision Evening

Comparison Of A Trifocal IOL Versus A Bifocal Refractive IOL - Dr. E. Mertens (Belgium)

Download 2012_09_ESCRS_Comparison_Of_A_Trifocal_IOL_vs_A_Bifocal_Refractive_IOL_Dr_Mertens.pdf (5.34 MB)

2012.04 - ASCRS - PhysIOL Innovation Meeting

Principles and Evaluation of Image Quality of Diffractive Trifocal IOL model - Dr. D. Gatinel (France)

Download 2012_04_ASCRS_Principles_and_Evaluation_of_Image_Quality_of_Diffractive_Trifocal_IOL_Model_DrGatinel.pdf (3.10 MB)

2012.04 - ASCRS - FineVision

Comparative Visual Performances With 3 Different Diffractive IOLs - Pr. B. Cochener (France)

Download 2012_04_ASCRS_Diffractive_MF_IOLs_PrCochener.pdf (1.63 MB)

2012.04 - ASCRS - FineVision

Visual Outcomes Following Bilateral Implantation Of A Trifocal Intraocular Lens - Dr. S. Shah (United Kingdom) 

Download 2012_04_ASCRS_Finevision_Paper_DrShah.pdf (149.91 KB)

2012.04 - ASCRS - FineVision

Quality of Vision With New Trifocal Diffractive IOL In Photopic And Mesopic Conditions - Dr. G. Lesieur (France)

Download 2012_04_ASCRS_Quality_Of_Vision_With_New_Trifocal_Diffractive_IOL_In_Photopic_and_Mesopic_Conditions_DrLesieur.pdf (436.87 KB)

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