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FineVision Toric (Pod FT)


The new trifocal diffractive IOL combined with optimal rotational stability for correcting astigmatism.

Injection system

Suggested injection system:

* From +6D to +24.5D with Medicel Accuject 2.0

* From +25D to +35D with Medicel Accuject 2.1 or 2.2

Toric calculator

PhysIOL supports you with the most precise and reliable IOL calculations that will help you achieve the utmost satisfaction level of patients with corneal astigmatism.

New features:

  • Abulafia-Koch toric regression formula, which reportedly theoretically accounts for posterior corneal astigmatism (Read the publication here). This calculation method uses the standard keratometry measurements (anterior K values) and estimates the total corneal astigmatism based on the Abulafia-Koch regression formula to improve the prediction of postoperative astigmatic outcome. You still have the possibility to use the Standard K calculation method as with the previous version.
  • Predictive patient-specific effective lens position (ELP) which improves the preoperative refractive predictability.
  • A HELP-button explaining each parameter
  • Mobile-responsiveness: use the calculator any time, any where, on any device.


This new calculation method helps surgeons select the appropriate toric IOL model and power and as such improves toric outcomes in astigmatic patients.

Get the PhysIOL toric IOL calculator here:


FineVision Toric (Pod FT) product brochure

Fine Technology brochure

Double C-Loop Technology brochure

Product description

  • Optic: Biconvex aspheric (-0.11µ SA) toric trifocal diffractive
  • Material: 26% hydrophilic acrylic
  • Filtration: UV and blue light blocker
  • Optic body diameter: 6.00mm
  • Overall diameter: 11.40mm
  • Refractive index:1.46
  • Angulation: 5°
  • Additional power: +1.75D for intermediate vision / +3.50D for near vision
  • Spherical power: from +6D to +35D (0.5D steps)
  • Cylinder power: 1.00 - 1.50 – 2.25 - 3.00 - 3.75 - 4.50 - 5.25 - 6.00D
  • Injection: Medicel Accuject
  • Incision size: ≥2.0mm
  • Suggested constants for IOL power calculation:
    • Hoffer Q: pACD=5.59 (interferometry) 5.35 (US)
    • Holladay 1: Sf=1.83 (interferometry) 1.57 (US)
    • SRK II: A=119.31 (interferometry) 119.06 (US)
    • SRK/T: A=118.95 (interferometry) 118.73 (US)
    • Haigis*: a0=1.36, a1=0.40, a2=0.10 (interferometry)
      a0=1.13, a1=0.40, a2=0.10 (US)
      *Not optimized
  • Square edge: 360°

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