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Acquisition Alyko by PhysIOL

PhysIOL S.A. and Alyko Medical AB have announced the signature of the agreement which consolidates the acquisition of Alyko by PhysIOL.

Strenghtening of both partners’ position in the Nordic countries


A most promising integration for both partners which will reinforce and develop their presence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and also in Finland and Iceland.

Created in 1986, PhysIOL focuses its activities on the improvement of the patients’ sight, and more specifically, the company has specialised in the conception and manufacturing of premium intraocular lenses for cataract and refractive surgery. Those implants replace the natural crystalline lens and are placed by ophthalmic surgeons.

Set up in Southern Sweden and created in 2011 by Krister Persson, General Manager, the fast-growing company Alyko distributes an innovating product range meant for ophthalmic surgery. A line for cardiology is also proposed.

PhysIOL’s portfolio has been distributed in Scandinavia for 5 years, through the efficient collaboration with the company Alyko whose commitment and premium service to the surgeons perfectly align with PhysIOL’s values and culture.

The integration therefore appeared obvious and natural for both companies and was implemented end of 2016.

The proximity relation – notably with the private clinics sector - based on a long-term expertise of the management and the commercial team makes Alyko a strong partner for PhysIOL.

In parallel, Alyko has found in PhysIOL a guarantee of sustainable development, knowing that its performing and innovating range is recognized on the international stage; PhysIOL’s dynamics and agility – notably through its R&D - will allow Alyko to preserve a forward-looking strategic view.

This parternship will create a boosting-effect on both sides.

PhysIOL today employs about 150 collaborators, working on the headquarters site in Liège (Belgium) and the commercial company set up in Toulouse (France). PhysIOL annually produces 300.000 intraocular lenses.

Communication contacts:
PhysIOL S.A.
Hélène Bernard, HR & Communication Manager
Phone : +32(0)4 361 42 65
Allée des Noisetiers, 4,
Liège Science Park,
B-4031 Liège, Belgium

Alyko Medical AB
Krister Persson, General Manager
Phone : +46(0)708 88 38 16
Kornettvägen, 5,
S-237 41 Bjärred, Sweden